Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sew out Loud QAL progress

Block progress so far.... SOL QAL blocks so far Zipper block for SOL QAL SOL Block 2 SOL block 3 so far SOL QAL Block 4 SOL QAL block 5 You can find the links to all the blocks here:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hot spot

My ironing board needed a makeover. My old ironing board cover was boring, lifeless and humdrum – not to mention discolored, ripped and it may have had a wee bit of interfacing glued to it, accidentally of course. (I am going to spare you by not showing you its hideous-ness). Plus I don’t know why this is the case, but why do ironing board manufacturers no longer make decent covers? I didn’t even have the proper padding under the cover, just a thin piece of foam?!Foam! Well, I have rectified the whole mess. Enter Denyse, well ok her new release of Flea Market Fancy – I missed out on this fabric the first time around and I wasn’t going to repeat that process. I just love this gray floral print, so now I get to stare at it every day because let’s face it, my ironing board never gets put away. I’ll admit it might be a bit shameful to iron on her lovely fabric, but hey why not – at least I’ll enjoy the ironing process a bit more. The new cover has 2 layers of batting underneath plus a layer of heat resistant ironing board cloth (that silver stuff) right under the floral and the original foam layer that came w/ the board. Now there is enough padding so that I’m not ironing directly over the metal grating and hopefully the heat resistant fabric will help keep the steam from going right through the board to my floor – yup, that’s what was happening. I used the old cover as a pattern and scavenged the cording and the plastic cleat to tighten up the cover to the board. Presto change-o a new cover! If you would like to makeover your own board, you can follow many online tutes for that here: U handblog craftyteacherlady Artfully Caroline Happy Sewing!