Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Simple Card Wallet Tutorial

What you need to gather up beforehand:

Remnant of fabric at least 19"x10"
5/8" wide velcro
Pellon Decor Bond or similar heavyweight fusible or sew-in interfacing
Dressmakers chalk or disappearing ink pen
Thread to match fabric

NOTE: This pattern calls for a 1/4" seam allowance unless otherwise indicated.

Now for the fun part ~ how to make the wallet:

1. Start by cutting out 2 pieces of fabric, each piece should measure 5"x9.5". Also cut a piece of interfacing the same size. You can use the picture below as a guide - the box is the velcro placement line.  EDITED TO ADD: If you can't see the picture, it shows the pattern piece (5"x9.5") with a line drawn 1.5" from one of the short ends. You will place the velcro on this line (centered from side to side).

2. Fuse the interfacing to one piece of the fabric (the one you plan to use for the outside of the wallet), taking care to fuse it to the wrong side of the fabric and follow the manufacturers directions for fusing.
3. Transfer the fold marks from the template to the back of the fabric using dressmakers chalk. On my pattern, the fold marks are 1.5" in from the end of the fabric.
4. Using the template as a guide, transfer the velcro placement markings to your fabric using a chalk pencil or disappearing ink.

5. Attach the velcro strips to both pieces of fabric. A. On the fabric with the interfacing attached, place the velcro 1" in from the short edge. B. On the other piece of fabric, attach the other piece of velcro 1/4" in from the short edge as shown.

6. Pin velcro in place and stitch close to the edge. TIP It's a good idea to stitch around the velcro twice to ensure a strong seam. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of all your seams.
7. Place the front and back fabric pieces RIGHT sides together. Make sure that the velcro placement is on the opposite side of each piece of fabric. So on the wallet outside piece it will be on one end and on the wallet lining piece it will be on the opposite end. 8. Pin and sew front and back together. Leave an opening on one of the short ends of the wallet pieces for turning. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of all your seams. 9. Clip corners and seams taking care not to clip into the stitching line.

10. Turn wallet right side out using a turning tool to push out the corners.

11. Fold the opening under 1/4 " and press. Pin or baste in place, then stitch this opening closed using a 1/8" seam. TIP use an edgestitch foot if you have one - this will make maintaining an even seam allowance a bit easier.
12. Fold the wallet up at the turning mark (use the paper template as a guide) and pin in place. Sew a 1/8" seam all the way around the wallet including the flap. This both encloses the body of the wallet and finishes the edge nicely. Side view

13. Fold it closed and ta da! You are done. Fill with business cards, ID, credits cards, sundries... This card wallet will hold up to 20 or more (depending on how much you want to stuff in there) thick plastic credit cards
Now go make a few more for your friends
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