Sunday, April 27, 2008

Frozen Potatoes

What does that have to do with Sewing you ask? Well Nothing at all! But let me explain. The other day I had asked my very helpful 9 yr old to help me clean up the kitchen. We don't have enough room in the fridge for everything, so some things like potatoes live in the garage in an old fridge which happens to be right next to the deep freezer. Do you see where this is going? So I ask my helpful son to please put the potatoes into the fridge downstairs. Get it now? Yup, he put them in the freezer instead. Ok so fast forward a day and I'm contemplating what to make for dinner which usually means I open the freezer and poke my head in, in hopes that this will spark some culinary creativity and provide me with a clue as to our dinner menu. That is when I found the aforementioned frozen spuds. OK, I think ~ better do something with those pronto. So I proceed to cook dinner knowing full well that it could turn to mush, but that's the scientist in me, always experimenting. I then proceeded to make what is in fact an old old family recipe and was always a fav dinner of mine as a kid.

Super healthful (NOT!!!) super fast and easy, kid friendly Spudly meal
(Ok that's not the catchiest title huh? )
Feeds 4 adults

3-5 potatoes (adjust to suit your family size)
1/2 pound egg noodles (again adjust if you need to)
1 can of corned beef (this is the unhealthy part, you can also used diced ham instead)
1/2 onion, diced
Shredded cheese (your choice)

Saute onion and corned beef together until onion is browned and soft, corned beef will start to brown also. Meanwhile boil potatoes, for 25min or until tender. In a separate pot, boil noodles until done, drain set aside. When potatoes are done you will have to peel them. It's super easy to peal a boiled potato, but if you prefer you can peel and then boil but i don't recommend attempting to peel a frozen potato. Chop potatoes roughly into quarters (you don't have to be precise here) and toss together w/ corned beef and noodles. Serve topped with shredded cheese. Easy peasy recipe that is done in about 30 min. Serve w/ side salad to redeem yourself somewhat.

In the end, dinner was delish and enjoyed by all. As for the potatoes? It turns out that potatoes are not ill-affected by freezing. In fact, while the texture was slightly different it was pretty marginal - had my family not known about the freezing incident, I bet they wouldn't have noticed a thing. So you can freeze potatoes if you have to - for what reason I don't know - but i'll just throw that out there as a little piece of useful - hopefully- trivia for ya'!

On to the sewing. So I have a little (not-so-much) project in the works. I'll post about it in a few days. In the meantime you can oogle my newest purse design. Amy Butler Star Paisley and coordinating stripes in lime. Michael Millers pink dots for the lining and Chocolate cut corduroy completes the ensemble. Magnetic closure, zippered inner pocket and separate cell phone pocket. Two external pockets for whatever.

Spuds courtesy Idaho Potato Commission
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