Monday, April 14, 2008

Quilt by accident...

...I stop into a little quilt shop in Sisters, OR. The Stichin' Post. We pass through Sisters all the time on our way to Bend, but Sisters happens to be a quilt mecca. Every year they have the
Sisters Outdoor Quilt show which is famous, in these parts anyway. Now I should point out that I don't really quilt, I won't say I haven't given it a go, but I prefer to stick with clothing or bags for my projects. As many times as we pass through Sisters, you would think that I would've stopped into one of the many fabric shops. Alas we are usually strapped for time and I have to put it off - again.
So this past weekend I just happened to have a little time, well not really, but I took a moments respite and walked into the Stitchin' Post. Now really I had only intended to take a peek. But that was a foolish notion on my part, since me-peeking-fabric don't really play well together. So I peek, and then after I pick my jaw up off the floor, I start wandering around the bolts. The place happens to have just about every fabric designer that I typically lust after, well their fabrics anyway and from what I could tell complete lines of everything. Yes it was fabric nirvana. They happened to have some of one of Valori Wells prints that I had on my must get list ~ So I have my modest yardage cut and then intend to leave.
Meanwhile my dear husband and kids have discovered where I have disappeared too and hubby insists I linger awhile to look around while he takes the kids to the playground nearby. He really is a sweetie. So I continue to wander and find myself hard-pressed to keep bolts from flying into my hands. Restraint is the word here. Must-use-restraint! In the end I found lots of new goodies for both girls dresses (that was around the time my daughter popped back into the store) and new purses.

So what did I add to the stash? This Kleo fabric (Alexander Henry) ~ so gorgeous in person. I paired it here with the cherry full moon polka from Amy Butler and made up this Fiona purse from Jenna Lou designs. I like how this one turned out. Hubby thinks it needs a volume knob - what does he know?

On my must get list now - this was stunning in person - Valori Wells Sole Decorator
No I didn't get it there - restraint remember?

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muralimanohar said...

I have zero control when it comes to a fabulous fabric shop. Esp with the kinds of prints you are showing!! Dh would have had to be dragging me out by the hair!! lol