Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rainbow storage solutions

Hello, hello.
 Is this thing on?
 tap. tap. tap.
 Er hmm. Yes I'm still here. Yes i'm still sewing. No i'm not blogging about it. I will admit that Instagram aka IG has taken over much of the online posting I do about my sewing. But I thought a blog post would be in order. If you don't already have instagram I highly recommend it. I prefer it over other online venues and while Bill Maher might think it's twitter for people who can't read! er hmm (I love you Bill but really you are being short-sighted!), Instagram works marvelously well for a medium which is primarily visual, like quilting or sewing or other art forms. You can't tweet about that nearly as effectively. A picture is worth a thousand words and all that.
Ok so here's what I have been working on...
I'm still trying to get my sewing room put together and really done, done! Ya know what i mean? It'll always be a work in progress but i'm trying to get a few more bits and pieces organized. To that end I've been stitching up a bunch of storage baskets. No one ever said they had too much storage. Am I right? So here are my newest sewing buckets.

I wanted a rainbow feel so i dug into my precious Henna garden stash and put these baskets together. They are big, 8"x12"x12" so they'll hold a lot. Again, the more the better right? They are deceptively easy to sew up.
And before you ask, I know you guys want a tutorial.
 As soon as I figure out how to do that effectively, I'll put one together.
 In the meantime you'll just have to appreciate the photos. The bottoms are all Essex yarn dyed linen (Kaufman) which works super well with the rainbow of henna garden.
Some of these will go to yarn storage but the rest? Who knows. They'll fill up sooner than I'ld like I'm sure. This storage ought to keep me for awhile. Let's hope.

Happy sewing!