Monday, February 1, 2010

Doll t-shirt tute

Here's a quick little tute for an 18" doll t-shirt. My daughter is really into these dolls lately, as are a lot of her friends, so I thought it would be fun to make up matching t-shirts for both her and her doll.
I drafted a basic t-shirt pattern. You can print this out to scale and use it for your personal use. (try right clicking on the photo and either print directly or save it to your computer, then print it. Alternatively you can right click and open in a new page and print from there). The line drawn on the pieces indicates 2". The pattern includes 1/4" seam allowances everywhere except where noted for the hems. You will also need a 3-4" long piece of velcro cut in half lengthwise.

You should cut out 2 sleeves, 2 back pieces and 1 front. I also cut a straight piece cut across the grain for the neckband. I cut mine 1" x 7". Here are the cut out pieces. Make sure you transfer the fold line markings (dotted line) to the 2 back pieces.

Ok ready to sew it up?
Start by hemming up the sleeves - I used a 1/2" hem

Sew the shoulder seams connecting the front and back pieces, right sides together.
Then attach the neckband. Fold the neckband in half, wrong sides together, then sew both halves to the neckline starting at the fold line on the back pieces. Stretch the neckband slightly as you go.

Attach the sleeves, placing right sides together, and sew.
Sew up the side seams and sleeve seam all in one go.
Next fold over the back pieces at the center fold lines and topstitch into place.
They should look like this when you are done.

Next sew up the bottom hem - again I used a 1/2" hem here. Then sew on the velcro strip.
Place one long velcro strip on the outside on one back piece and the on inside of the opposite back at the fold so that they line up. I used a 3" piece of velcro cut in half lengthwise.

Alternatively, you can use Fold-over-elastic (FOE) in place of the 7" strip of knit fabric. Here's another shirt with FOE on the neckline.
And that's it! You are done. Enjoy

Happy Sewing!
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