Friday, December 18, 2009

Cozy toes!

The holiday sewing season is upon us. Heck the holidays themselves are almost upon us and I'm not really ready yet but I keep plugging away at it anyway. Somehow, I'm more behind this year than in other years. Oh well, I do what I can. I did manage to make up a bunch of different PJ bottoms for my kids using the pattern from Heather's Ross Weekend sewing book and I love how they turned out. Sadly, no pics of those as they got put to immediate use but judging by the amount of wear, they were a big hit. I still have a pair for myself on the to-do list - you know maybe one day when all my other projects are done.... a ha ha ha ha ha

Meanwhile, I have been dying to try out this boot slipper pattern from Favorite things. Don't they look awfully cozy on the cover?
So I whipped up a few pairs. My feet are always cold and these will be perfect for the mountains. Mine are lined with Minkee from Benartex. This is a super cuddly and soft fabric perfect for blankets and anyplace you want extra loft and warmth. A little Andalucia on the outside from my stash. I also made the most adorable pair for a friends new baby - they are so much cuter when you make them in size infant small. And of course, my daughter wanted a pair as well. I added some lightweight interfacing to the sides of hers to stiffen them up a bit - they were a bit too floppy for my taste in the larger sizes. I think the interfacing solved that problem.
IMG_9669 I thought that my pair needed a little extra padding to be more comfortable as a slipper rather than a sock - so I added 2 extra layers of batting to the sole of the next pair and they are more comfy that way. The only drawback to this pattern, for me, was that seam of the sole is on the inside of the slipper and you can feel that when you are wearing them. If you have sensitive feet like I apparently do, you might want to alter the way the sole is constructed, either by putting the seam on the outside and adding a little decorative stitching to cover the seam or by adding an insole to the inside so you can't feel the seam. I will have to do that on my next pair. Still they are cozy and warm and will be great for cold winter nights.

Happy Holidays and happy sewing!