Friday, May 22, 2015

Bloggers Quilt Festival part 3

The Norways. There are two. I love this pattern. Submitting this to the bloggers quilt festival in the Large quilts category. Christmas version. #postapicturefiberchallenge day 2. This is my Christmas #norwayqal all quilted, bound and done!  Gorgeous snowflake quilting by Sarah @crinklelove.  tagged by @sunnyincal   #norwayqal I loved piecing this one together. Pattern is Norway by Camille Roskelley. Quilting done by Sarah Wilson aka Crinklelove. My #norway quilt is back from @crinklelove and I do indeed 💗💗💗 it. Wish this photo showed the quilting better. Can't wait to get it bound up and finished #norwayqal #sewmystash2015. Also peeps I can't recommend Sarah enoug

Then the Cheery Cotton and Steel version. This one remains unbound for now.
 Amazing, stunning, I cannot say enough wonderful things about this custom quilting done by Heidi Rodli aka Pieceandjoyquiltingco. This is Heidi's photo Reposting the epic quilting done by Heidi @pieceandjoyquiltingco on my #norway #quilt.  I am in love 💗💗 #norwayqal #norwayquiltalong #cottonandsteel

 I can't wait to get this one finished up, so I can show you the full reveal. Happy Sewing and enjoy the Bloggers Quilt Festival!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

2015 Bloggers quilt festival part 2

Part 2. My second entry into the Original Quilts section for Amy's Creative Side Nailed-it quilt.  part of #mybooqal Next up is the "Nailed it!" quilt named by none other than Angela Pingels (cut to pieces) hubby. It's a tongue-in-cheek purely Halloween themed quilt that doesn't need to be taken seriously. Tumblers and half hexies create a coffin shape within a larger coffin shape. Outlined in white and floating on a damask background. Purely halloween decorative for a ghastly holiday that I love for it's fun spirit. Close-up of my Nailed-it quilt Lots of various angled straight lined quilting finishes it off. Happy Sewing!

2015 Blogger's Quilt Festival

#postapicturefiberchallenge Day 1. This is my Mod Blooms quilt originally designed for #quiltcon but not finished in time. #matchstick #quilting  #endless. In #essexlinen and #Konasolids. @robertkaufman and lots and lots of #aurifil thread. @alexveronelli I have been so remiss in posting that I doubt I have any readership left, but here is my entry for the Bloggers Quilt Festival put on by Amy's Creative Side I'm entering this in the Original Designs Category This is really a very simple quilt. It's all made of 4 blocks. Each block is a complete flower and a wide sashing in the same fabric as the background makes those mod blooms float. The flower blocks are made of 4 smaller blocks that each have 2 curved pieces in them. The entire quilt is pieced, not appliqued, and then I matchstick quilted the entire quilt in various shades of variegated and solid aurifil thread. The blocks are made of Kona solids and Essex yarn-dyed linen in flax (one of my favs) for the background. This quilt was originally designed for Quiltcon 2014 but not completed in time for submission. All that matchstick quilting really kicked-my-butt! ;) For @wholalacrafts 😉. #matchstick closeup I'll have to confess that i had all kinds of issues with my walking foot and the pressure foot pressure on this quilt which has led to less than stellar results on the quilting. In the end I figured out that I had a defective walking foot (it wasn't walking properly or feeding my fabric) so the fabric is pulled in places which is unfortunate, but i still love the quilt and have put in too much effort to just let it go. Lesson learned, next time i'll know what to look for. Happy Sewing!