Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pouches galore

ETD ~ The cell phone wristlet pattern is now available. Just click through the link on the top right-hand side of this page to purchase it. Thanks so much for your interest.

Where does the time go? March is always a crazy month for our family with spring break, birthdays and ski season. Here it's come and gone and I haven't even had a chance to tell you about the latest SWAPeroos I'm sewing for.

First up is the Pretty {little} Pouch swap (P{l}PS)which I have joined before. My pouches are all done and off in the mail to my partner. Hopefully they will arrive soon. Since my partner likes scrappy designs and pastel-ish colors I decided on this pink-inspired color palette. I just love this Domestic Bliss line from Liz Scott which is saying something because sewing is about as close to Domestic Bliss as i'll ever get. Other aspects of domesticity not withstanding.

This fabric is so vibrant and girly and seemed appropriate for my partner. I knew I wanted to do a scrappy star, so I made an 8-pointed paper pieced star out of selvages and then appliqued that to the linen pouch. The pouch needed some more interest so I added the wavy curve along the front, also scrappy-pieced. Add in some hand stitching and you have a finished pouch!
Well, hmmm, it seems to be missing something. Somehow that didn’t really seem like enough, so I added a little cell phone pouch to coordinate. I must confess I needed to make a cell phone pouch as a gift for a friend, so I used my P{l}PS partner’s extra as a prototype.
P{l}PS extra...
Needs some tweeking to get it just right for my friend, but it turned out pretty well for a first pass. The patterns are self-drafted and I do plan to make them available soon so stay tuned. I know I always say that and don't always deliver, so keep me honest peeps! Swap project A completed. Now onto the next one…

Happy Sewing!
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