Monday, March 31, 2008

Show me the money

So my bag kick has taken a little turn. Check out this fun wallet from JennaLou designsAnd look look it's Amy Butler fabric again - what an amazing surprise! (snicker) I love the fact that this pattern can be made with scraps with which I have been fortuitiously well endowed (see I knew those scraps would come in handy one day!). This is my first test drive with the pattern and it went pretty well. I know now what not to do!
What girl doesn't love a fun wallet! I myself am always searching in vain for the 'perfect' wallet ~ no more! The search is over. Now off to go make some more wallets - this pattern is too fun to quit at just one, or two. I don't know what I'll do with the extras - Christmas is coming isn't it? Hey for once I might just be ahead of the game.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Revamp revealed!

At last, back from spring break and I can sew again. R&R was much needed and fun but I did miss my sewing projects just a bit. Remember that nasty IBC? Well it's gone for good. The new one is quite chic if I do say so myself. This one is clean and pretty and best of all it matches my decor.
I will admit that ironing really IS more fun on this thing, but well ok just a teeny bit, I'm not going to start ironing shirts or anything completely crazy like that! Strictly for sewing projects only - if you want a shirt ironed around here you are on your own. At least now I don't feel so bad with it prominently displayed in my front window. It might even induce ironing board envy in the mailman? OK maybe not.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Time for a revamp

I so need to redo my ironing board cover. Aside from the fact that it is falling apart, it is butt ugly. My Mom got so frustrated with it a few years ago, she took pity on me and fixed it. But of course through my constant and diligent neglect, it is now once again in a state of disrepair. You'ld think with all this sewing I could see fit to fix the one fixture in my sewing room which is on permanent display (directly in my front window so the neighbors can enjoy it's ugliness too. Or maybe it will just scare off burglars?) Anyway, instead I live with the ugly industrial blue IBC with its nasty strings hanging down and generally avoid glancing in its direction ~ I am in denial. So the IBC practically falls off daily as I use it and I constantly tug the thing back on. I'm too embarrassed to show you what it looks like so I'm not going to - consider yourself spared from potential blindness. Time to do something about that. If it's gonna live in my sewing room it may as well look decent and fit in with the rest of the room. Then tonight I realize I am not alone, there are many of you out there with this same predicament and a few more brave souls who have decided to do something about it. Check out this gorgeous piece of inspiration at U-handblog
Is it not a thing of beauty? Here is another tute on Marmadaisy. Apparently I am not alone. Ok so I will take the challenge and fix that nasty thing. Anyone else want to join me? Come on I know there are more of you out there just like me! I'll post the results when I'm done ~ feel free to share yours if you decide to take the challenge.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Have bag ~ will travel!

Or at least I should say, I can travel - somewhere? - nice maybe? Ok I gotta fess up here, I really needed this bag - to travel. Need being a relative term here. We travel a lot and I was tired of carrying around my old hideous black duffel bag into which the contents of my wardrobe (also often black) would disappear as though through gravitational pull. Yes it's true ~ black holes do exist and right here on earth! Fishing around in poorly lit rooms looking for my stuff in a hurry is not fun. Plus how cool would it be to carry around a stylin' Amy Butler bag instead? So it was time for a change and here it is, my version of the weekender bag

all done up in Spruce french wallpaper print from Amy Butler and matching paisley print with some Michael Miller mirror ball dots on the piping. I'm loving how this turned out - yes tooting my own horn again. But I haven't been this pleased with the outcome of a project in a while.

Now if someone would kindly explain to me why purse zippers only come in navy, black and taupe? Where is the sense in that? Clearly a fashionista had no say in that decision.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let's gush about fabric

Specifically Amy Butler fabric gush again - why? Because her new Midwest Modern is out already at ~ Oh my! Check out this loveliness:

It's retro and floral all mixed up together - perfection - I think that's why I love her designs so much. Very hip and girly all at the same time ~ very 21st century ~ very chic momma.

I believe were the first to get it in and it doesn't really help that they send me daily emails inducing me to shop with them and letting me know that this newest fabric was already available for the picking. Well it's a stash builder that's for sure.

Come on Amy - get those inspirational photos up already! I can't wait to see what they come up with - they are a talented group of fabric gurus over there.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Very Berry!

Is it spring? I know there are strawberries showing up in my grocery store - those giant California berries that are big in size, not so much anything else, but we cannot wait to scoop them up so early in the year. Well these berries are just as fun and they last longer. This is Alexander Henry fabric that was love at first sight (yes I know that is not hard for me to do) . It was one of those, a ha moments when you know exactly what you intend to do with it the moment you see the fabric. Anyway, here is the result. Just a simple peasant dress to which credit must go to Belle*Elysse at YCMT for the pattern. It was a fun pattern to sew and very easy as well.

The A-line

Your grades? Classes? Nope. This A-line refers to the simple A-line dress which I have been playing around with a little - a little experiment you might say. Must be the mad scientist in me.

First up the straight A-line, nothing fancy about that one, but a cool comfy throw-it-on-and-go summer dress. That works well in my life ~ and more importantly in my daughters no muss no fuss attitude. This one is done in Michael Miller's popular ironwork fabric which I adore. Next up the straight pieced A-line. Pretty simple variation, but hey check out the fabric, Amy Butler Belle again, yes I know, I have a thing about Amy's fabrics. Anyway, the pink one is ta dot from Michael Miller, ever the staple around here ~ that fabric goes with everything ~ yes I mean everything. Well ok perhaps I am exaggerating a wee bit. Finally, a circle pieced A-line, a little trickier to assemble and a little more interesting. There are endless variations of course, just about any way you can stitch fabrics together you can assemble this one. I had to stop here - how many A-line dresses can one girl need anyway? Err don't answer that.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A team effort

This creation is truly an example of family teamwork - not to mention spanning three generations. My fabulous and talented Mom sewed this dress - she is an incredible lady I have to say ~multi-talented. I learned everything I know about sewing from her plus a few other things along the way. My daughter picked out the fabric for this dress, Mom sewed the dress and I embroidered the pocket based on designs that DD picked out. The dress pattern is Marieke from Farbenmix. Now that was a fun project!

And now for a new look!

What do you think? We have a new look. Well, the blog does, I myself am in need of a haircut. Thanks so much to Shawn at Eclectic Whimsy Designs who put this whole thing together for me. Didn't she do a lovely job? Ok I also have to thank Shabby Miss Jenn herself, since this is her digi-scrapping handiwork ~ err mousiwork? Anyway, nice huh? I love it myself. If you want to see more of her stuff go check it out here.

Yeah, as for me, I really need to remember to call my hair stylist.

Paris Cats a plenty

DATE: 03/02/2008 02:29:24 PM

Originally uploaded by trilliumdesign

Yes more kitties!!! What is with all the cats you ask? Well, we definately have a kitty lover in the house. But they are adorable I'll give them that. These Springtime in Paris Cats are from Farbenmix and the dress is once again the VIDA pattern (also Farbenmix) - love that one because it's so versatile.

So far I have made 4 versions of the VIDA pattern, 2 fall and 2 spring/summer. And knowing me, it'll get lots of use come fall again. Actually I've already got the fabric to do 2 more, I can't seem to stop myself from coming up with cool fabric combos for this one ~ but maybe later - need to move onto other things. Ok back to this dress. Details: The fabrics are City Girls and City Park from Alexander Henry and dots from Michael Miller to round it out. Lots of fun making this one. It feels so summery to me - too bad it's only just March! he he

Ok one more cat - last one I promise!! You've seen this patchwork skirt before, but now it has a matching tee! The matchy person in me has to complete the set and well just a plain brown tee wouldn't do would it? That's it!! Done with the cats ~ err for now at least :)

Tree Peonies

Have you ever seen a Tree Peony? They are beautiful - in fact in think Peonies in general might be one of my alltime favorite flowers - of course I am a flower lover, so it isn't hard for me to come up with a favorite. Maybe that is why I love this print so much. Tree Peonies are also extremely slow to grow, don't always like to be grafted and take alot of care in general - just a little plant lore for you green thumbs out there. Unlike the real thing, this peony print is easy care and easy to wear. Here we have a little dress made entirely of Amy Butler Lotus fabrics, yes you all know my passion for anything Amy - well here is a little summer
dress using her Peony print. Even my husband commented on this one - ok that is a first! He doesn't really take my passion for fashion seriously, so for him to comment is a big deal!! I take that as a huge compliment ~ of course what else would I do?!! he he Ok I have to tell you this pattern was a challenge to put together because of all the angles. I think the yoke will need a little re-design for some sewers.


Patchwork Plethora - yes again!

DATE: 02/25/2008 06:11:00 PM

It was a wild and crazy sewing weekend for me. Yes I know - more patchwork!! I seem to be on a patchwork kick! But these might be the last for a while. I love the soft floral fabrics of this first one ~ if anyone really wants to know the manufacturer of those fabrics, just email me, I can't remember offhand what the brand was.

Next up is a twirl skirt - not strictly patchwork, but i've been wanting to make a basic denim skirt for a while. Well ok maybe it's not that basic, but I thought this was a fun twist on plain denim. Fabric courtesy Joann's circa 3 years ago. It's been in my stash for just a wee bit. Pink dot fabric is Ta dot by Michael Miller. I love that fabric, goes with everything.

Patchwork parade

DATE: 02/23/2008 02:24:00 PM

Things are back in full sewing-swing right now. I'm in twirlville right now. Patchwork twirls that is.

Paris Cat's by Benartex is the subject of one twirl skirt. I Img_6756
knew this fabric would be a hit with my daughter the moment I saw it ~ and I
certainly love the brown/pink color combo as well. It lends itself perfectly to
the patchwork twirl.

On next to a little experiment of mine. A variation on the twirl Img_6755by simply
making the squares a little smaller and adding a patchworked layer to the top of
the skirt instead of a solid yoke. This one is targeted at Independence day,
but it never hurts to start a little early - especially at my house. Lots of
different prints in this one including Darlene Zimmerman's Little Darlings 6 5 and a little of Mama's Feedsacks thrown in for good measure.

And finally a previous patchwork twirl - more kitties - hmm do you think my daughter likes cats?

Aaahh ~ Heaven in a Priority Mail package

DATE: 02/22/2008 08:14:00 PM

I was so surprised to find a little slice of heaven waiting for me when I arrived home from work. What was this slice you ask? That would be Ginger Blossom - the gorgeous new fabric release from Michael Miller and designer Sandi Henderson. I had no idea when I preordered it that it would be so popular as it is selling about as fast as the online stores can put it on their websites, but I am sure glad that I reserved a slice since I get to play with it now. It's so pretty in person. Here's a peak at the goodies.

Now what to make? Problem is I have too many ideas and not enough fabric for all of them. he he such difficult decisions.

Betty #2 is in the house!

DATE: 02/12/2008 09:00:00 AM

Yes she is done - I squeezed her in this weekend. Here she is:

I'm loving the end result - although in future Betty's I think I will lengthen the straps so that I can see more of the contrast fabric and still have a long enough strap. Here are her insides

What you can't really see are all the inside pockets. I tell you she is going to get a workout this summer at the farmer's market. There is a pocket in there for wallet and cell and you name it! I can almost smell the fresh veggies now. Err yes, well I know it's only February.

Betty #2 is going to be a middle sister as my dear daughter has already claimed to be in love with this bag style. So younger sister Betty fabric awaits in girly prints suitable for a 6 year old. It's a fun bag to make though, so I'm not complaining.

And as if the Betty Bag wasn't enough, next up we have the Highstreet Messenger bag (I know this one is going to get several versions), the Weekender travel bag, and the Madison Bag. It is going to be bag central around here soon and no there are no old bags in this house!


A study in VIDA

DATE: 02/11/2008 11:14:26 PM

First of all, I have to tell you about my little pilgrimage. I forged out on my own Saturday (that means I didn't have my usual family entourage with me) and hit a couple of quilt shops up north of me. The first was Grandma's attic, a new discovery for me - this place was just loaded - no wait, I mean - LOADED with fabrics. Hard to believe what looked so tiny on the outside could be so enormous on the inside. Needless to say I stocked up. They were very friendly and helpful and I kept them busy on the cutting table - I highly recommend them. Next up was Greenbaum's quilted forest. Lest you think this place was filled with trees, it was in fact filled with fabric! That was where I fell in love with Kaffe - see below. Lots of gorgeous designer names in that store - and a historical trip too. It was a fun outing, hopefully one i'll repeat in a few months.

I tell you this VIDA pattern is getting a workout. Last week I showed you VIDA with gnomes aka zwerge. I am totally loving how fun this pattern is to stitch up. So last Sunday, err that would be yesterday, I sewed like a mad woman. Here we have Star VIDA

and Kaffe VIDA (still in progress - she needs buttons)

The fabric possibilities are endless. Kaffe VIDA is ~ yes savvy readers ~ Kaffe Fassett fabrics in a combination of designs. I mentioned to my sewing group sweeties, that these fabrics were screaming at me from the shelves - so I obliged their request to take me home. It was one of those moments where you knew exactly what the fabrics would be used for the minute you laid your greedy little eyes on them. And VIDA is the end result. I'm very pleased with how this one turned out - but you can be your own judge. (click on the gallery if you want to see details).

But for now, I think i will lay VIDA to rest for awhile. I have other projects to work on. VIDA will no doubt return as she is such a vivacious young lady - it is hard to keep her down for long ;)
DATE: 02/06/2008 11:38:58 PM

It's Hanna Montana time. My dear daughter is a huge fan and is going to see the movie with a friend on Friday night. So i thought it would a fun surprise to whip her up a personalized tee to wear to the event along with say a matching one for her best bud. She is going to flip when she sees this. Sometimes being a Mom is fun!

The design so far...

And the finished result...not to mention one very happy little girl

My fav quilt shop

DATE: 02/06/2008 11:34:39 PM

Quiltwork Patches ~ Yes this place is deadly to me - or perhaps I should say, deadly to my pocketbook.  They have gobs of gorgeous designer quilt fabric.  Plus imagine my excitement when I walked in and there were some of the new Amy Butler Nigella fabrics lining the wall.  Oooo that stuff is gorgeous I tell ya - a lovely cotton sateen.  I seem to be obsessed with Amy Butler - who knew? I've never even met the woman ~ but i do love her stuff. 

Picked up some gorgy purple botanical print from Pat Sloan's collection from P&B Textiles and a coordinating Lotus dot from ~ surprise surprise~ Amy again for Betty #2. 

Aren't these just scrumptious?Img_6640

Betty #2 has been cut and is waiting for thread. 

Sewing madness

DATE: 02/05/2008 09:51:42 PM

I've been a sewing fool lately. I'm working hard on a new dress design ~ courtesy of Farbenmix and Jeanette's embroidery designs. I am quite pleased with the results so far...

Have Betty - will shop!

DATE: 02/05/2008 09:44:49 PM

It's in the bag! The Betty Shopper - Amy Butler's fun fabulous bag done a la Robert Kaufmans Geo Squares Retro print fabric. I adore the colors on this fabric - too bad the coordinating fabric handles don't pop out more. Maybe we''ll have better luck on round two of this bag - stay tuned!

Oh and by the way, Betty is BIG - seriously huge. I plan to send her to the pool this summer. Hopefully she won't get sunburned!