Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Paris Cats a plenty

DATE: 03/02/2008 02:29:24 PM

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Yes more kitties!!! What is with all the cats you ask? Well, we definately have a kitty lover in the house. But they are adorable I'll give them that. These Springtime in Paris Cats are from Farbenmix and the dress is once again the VIDA pattern (also Farbenmix) - love that one because it's so versatile.

So far I have made 4 versions of the VIDA pattern, 2 fall and 2 spring/summer. And knowing me, it'll get lots of use come fall again. Actually I've already got the fabric to do 2 more, I can't seem to stop myself from coming up with cool fabric combos for this one ~ but maybe later - need to move onto other things. Ok back to this dress. Details: The fabrics are City Girls and City Park from Alexander Henry and dots from Michael Miller to round it out. Lots of fun making this one. It feels so summery to me - too bad it's only just March! he he

Ok one more cat - last one I promise!! You've seen this patchwork skirt before, but now it has a matching tee! The matchy person in me has to complete the set and well just a plain brown tee wouldn't do would it? That's it!! Done with the cats ~ err for now at least :)

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