Sunday, March 30, 2008

Revamp revealed!

At last, back from spring break and I can sew again. R&R was much needed and fun but I did miss my sewing projects just a bit. Remember that nasty IBC? Well it's gone for good. The new one is quite chic if I do say so myself. This one is clean and pretty and best of all it matches my decor.
I will admit that ironing really IS more fun on this thing, but well ok just a teeny bit, I'm not going to start ironing shirts or anything completely crazy like that! Strictly for sewing projects only - if you want a shirt ironed around here you are on your own. At least now I don't feel so bad with it prominently displayed in my front window. It might even induce ironing board envy in the mailman? OK maybe not.

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Bearpawquilter said...

I knew it was time for an ibc revamp when the elastic around the edge of mine hardened and started crumbling onto the floor - it turned into mystery toxic waste. Even stuck to the warm fabric as it draped over the side. I recovered my tabletop board and I have an extra piece of muslin to use when I use spray starch to keep the cover from turning brown and scorching.