Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Have bag ~ will travel!

Or at least I should say, I can travel - somewhere? - nice maybe? Ok I gotta fess up here, I really needed this bag - to travel. Need being a relative term here. We travel a lot and I was tired of carrying around my old hideous black duffel bag into which the contents of my wardrobe (also often black) would disappear as though through gravitational pull. Yes it's true ~ black holes do exist and right here on earth! Fishing around in poorly lit rooms looking for my stuff in a hurry is not fun. Plus how cool would it be to carry around a stylin' Amy Butler bag instead? So it was time for a change and here it is, my version of the weekender bag

all done up in Spruce french wallpaper print from Amy Butler and matching paisley print with some Michael Miller mirror ball dots on the piping. I'm loving how this turned out - yes tooting my own horn again. But I haven't been this pleased with the outcome of a project in a while.

Now if someone would kindly explain to me why purse zippers only come in navy, black and taupe? Where is the sense in that? Clearly a fashionista had no say in that decision.


sarah said...

they do!! check out zipperstop, they have handbag zippers in just about every length and color. Their customer service is great, too (or was a while back) -- I got my zipper for my wedding dress from them and they helped me match a very odd silk color perfectly.

demicmic said...

That is awesome looking. You are just amazing. Now you will have to travel even more to show it off.

Bearpawquilter said...

I think I would go to the airport and hang out just for the compliments if I were you. Got time? Needs a hang tag that says: Yes, I made it! No, I'm not Vera Bradley!