Friday, March 21, 2008

Time for a revamp

I so need to redo my ironing board cover. Aside from the fact that it is falling apart, it is butt ugly. My Mom got so frustrated with it a few years ago, she took pity on me and fixed it. But of course through my constant and diligent neglect, it is now once again in a state of disrepair. You'ld think with all this sewing I could see fit to fix the one fixture in my sewing room which is on permanent display (directly in my front window so the neighbors can enjoy it's ugliness too. Or maybe it will just scare off burglars?) Anyway, instead I live with the ugly industrial blue IBC with its nasty strings hanging down and generally avoid glancing in its direction ~ I am in denial. So the IBC practically falls off daily as I use it and I constantly tug the thing back on. I'm too embarrassed to show you what it looks like so I'm not going to - consider yourself spared from potential blindness. Time to do something about that. If it's gonna live in my sewing room it may as well look decent and fit in with the rest of the room. Then tonight I realize I am not alone, there are many of you out there with this same predicament and a few more brave souls who have decided to do something about it. Check out this gorgeous piece of inspiration at U-handblog
Is it not a thing of beauty? Here is another tute on Marmadaisy. Apparently I am not alone. Ok so I will take the challenge and fix that nasty thing. Anyone else want to join me? Come on I know there are more of you out there just like me! I'll post the results when I'm done ~ feel free to share yours if you decide to take the challenge.


sarah said...

oh, I'm totally with you!! I've been actually meaning to look for an ironing board cover pattern, so thanks for finding that for me, ha!!

I'm not sure what she means by furnishing fabric though -- although it looks like a good idea to add! I need to replace my padding, too. not sure what to use for that either. thick fleece, you think?

and this is the fabric I'm thinking of.

muralimanohar said...

LOL, I was just reading Heather Bailey's post on this, and I sooo need a new cover!! Seriously, I am scared to ruin my next delicate, pale project by ironing it on my cover, lol!

Trillium said...

I would use that heat resistant fabric you can buy for hot pads and things. You can get it either w/ fleece attached - kind of intermixed w/ the foily metal stuff - hows that for technical for ya - or else you can buy it just fabric no fleece. My local JAs sells it. Like this:

Trillium said...

Don't forget to prewash and dry maybe even a few times if you are using a bright color and are worried about fade or transfer to your project. Or heck just make a few and interchange them to suit your mood - mua ha ha ha