Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ready to wear

There is a new baby in the house:

That's her! The Janome Cover Pro 1000CP. This is a cover stitch machine. Cover stitches are commonly used on t-shirt hems on ready-to-wear clothing as well as many other uses. The cover stitch looks like a straight stitch from the front, but stretches like a serged stitch on the inside. I have been wanting one of these for years and finally decided to take the plunge. A cover stitch machine works a little differently than a sewing machine - it's probably closer to a serger, but it does require some modification when using. Luckily the
helpful folks who provide reviews over at have a wealth of information on this machine as well as many others. Check them out the next time you need sewing info on just about anything.

Meanwhile, I decided to whip up some t-shirts for my daughter and test out the cover pro. Just a few...

She should be set for awhile. Now I will move onto the rest of the family. Check out the hems ~ looking good!
I think I'm gonna like this new machine.

Happy Sewing!


sarah said...

congrats!! what swanky hems!! you'll be happier in the long run with it, I'm sure.

Cathy said...

OH boy...that is amazing...and you just whipped up those shirts? So cool! I love my Janome!!!

michal said...

I didnlt really understand what's a cover stitch machine, and how is it different from a sewing machine.. Is it used to finish the edges of stretch material? does it cut like a serger?
as always - I love all you do! cute tops!

Trillium said...

Thanks. Michal it's kind of like a serger but it doesn't cut. It sews a straight stitch on the outside (top) of the fabric, and a chain type of stitch on the underside like a serger. That way the stitch stretches and won't break if you stretch the fabric like it would for a sewing machine straight stitch. If you look at store bought t-shirts you own, you'll most likely find the kind of hem i'm talking about.

gina said...

Congrats on your new machine! Isn't it fun to get something new for sewing and to make it easier!

BTW, the shirts are awesome!


Shell said...

oh you're so lucky! i want one too, but i think they're way out of my price range? not sure, i did look into it once but can't recall now. hope you're still loving it, and it's getting heaps of use. does this mean you have a regular sewing machine, a serger and a coverstitch? my parents would think i was opening a sewing museum lol