Monday, January 4, 2010

Mini Makeovers


Happy New Year!


With the New Year we have a little room redo going on at our house ~ but this time the renovation is on a small scale.

My daughter wanted some bedding for her dolls and that gave me an excuse to go to town and really make some fun doll bedding. Doll quilts are a perfect way to practice stipple quilting which is a new (to me) technique I just learned using the doll quilts to practice on (more on that later). Meanwhile here are the bedding sets - complete with matching teeny tiny throw pillows and shams. IMG_9696

How cute are these? IMG_9692
Yeah I'm tooting my own horn but seriously, these are so stinkin' cute I just want to crawl right into that bed. Did I mention teeny tiny throw pillows? I'm overcome by the cuteness.


Oh to be a kid again....

Happy Sewing!


I really shouldn't write blog-posts when it's late at night I'm dog tired. Here is some detail info that I neglected to put in above:

The strip quilt (purple/aqua) is just random widths of strips i put together. My finished quilts needed to be 22X20 to fit the bed properly and giving them about a 4-5" overhang on either side. So I was aiming for that size. My bed size is about 22X10 - so my 'mattress' covers where that size. The block pieced quilt (green) is loosely based on this great tute from Alissa at Sew Mama Sew. I used 3.5" squares and then added a border width that would fit my finished size. The flower quilt (pink) was made by cutting bias strips of coordinating fabrics and then gathering them using my ruffler set at 1 for lots of tight ruffles/pleats. These were arranged to make the flower and then pinned and sewn into place. The ruffles fluffed up nicely in the wash and almost have a chenille look to them. I drew on the quilt top to loosely follow the flower outline and then quilted that using my darning foot.

Fabrics used:
Strip quilt: Farmer's Market (Sandi Henderson), Cloe's Imagination (Tina Givens), Olive Rose (Valori Wells), Michael Miller dots
Block quilt: Pop Garden (Heather Bailey), Olive Rose (Valori Wells), Mezzanine (Patty Young), Michael Miller dots
Flower quilt: Soiree (Lila Tueller), Mezzanine (Patty Young)


Carla Hegeman Crim said...

Tooooo fun! What a lucky dolly!!!

Debbie said...

SUPER Caroline. LOVE LOVE LOVE these! That last flower one is my fave! Lucky girl, lucky dolls!

Sew Like Nobody's Watching said...

Oh I have been wanting to do this too! So CUTE what you have made. Now you have me all inspired! I like the ruffled flower. Looks like chenille but its not. Very cool. Oh BTW I made a feliz dress and totally relied on your tutorial. Thanks for posting it!

Cathy said...

I am sitting here with my mouth wide open...suddenly I want to play dolls!!! LOL!
Wonderful job making those quilts and practicing techniques all at the same time. I have a quilt I am trying to make...I'll call ya when I get to the stippling part!!!
Thanks for sharing...did you make a pattern for those you could share or did you just do your own measurements? Thanks!

Trillium said...

Thank-you everyone. Cathy, edited my blogpost and added in some much needed details. :)

Sara said...

OMG I love that flower one. They are all adorable, but that flower one WOW!
How many doll beds does she have?

Ann said...

Wow Caroline!!! Those are fantastic!!! Really gorgeous!

Renae said...

Wow, I want to be a doll in your house! Those are AWESOME! The flower is TDF. That is one lucky doll!!!