Thursday, May 1, 2008

Aviary Purse

Aviary Purse
Originally uploaded by trilliumdesign
A new edition to the line-up. This was a challenge to put together to say the least. It has front and back side pockets. The front pocket has a magnetic tab closure and about 14 layers of fabric/interfacing, I kid you not, on the final seam to be sewn through. Phew it was a toughy, but I'm pleased with the results. Fabrics are mostly Joel Dewberry.

Short and sweet for today.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the shape of your bag. The orange and brown reminds me of my kitchen when I was a kid - lovely retro colours!

muralimanohar said...

That is really nice. I wish I could just buckle down and pick a design for a bag, cause I really need one, too!

Aima said...

Great bag and wonderful choice of fabrics. I have just ordered the bird print in pink so can't wait till it arrives.