Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Circa 50 in the house

I don't usually gush about the fabrics that cross my threshold, they are all amazing in their own way. But this latest fabric is Circa 50 from Monaluna/Birch Fabrics and it deserves an exception - even it's very own blog post. It's awesome quality fabric.
Reminds me a lot of the munki munki fabrics in quality. You Munki Munki devotees will know exactly what I'm talking about. Tight weave and a smooth finish. Awesome colors and adorable prints - all retro-like - very cool.
I love all things that are 50s and 60s retro. Check it out! Cute little squirrels and owls. I'm sure this is going to end up in a baby quilt. Yes there are more babies on their way soon - not here, at work. Apparently, the fresh Oregon air is good for fertility ~ or something. I have to make at least 2 more baby gifts this summer and a Munki Munki quilt is definitely in the works. Might have to add in this Circa 50 too.

Look at this innovation! Finally!

Excellent idea Cynthia, keep up the green innovations.

That's all for today. Happy Sewing!


traceyjay said...

such fun fabric!

I'm kind of bummed Fabricworm is in CA... I hate paying the sales tax! (you Oregonians are lucky!) :)

Caroline ~ TrilliumDesign said...

Yeah i guess we are lucky. I'm so used to not paying sales tax, I forget when I go other places, how expensive it can make things.

Cathy said...

Very nice fabric!! The house one reminds me of beach house in Ocean City NJ when I was little!

Betty Crocker Ass said...

I will totally tack any scraps you have from these!!!!

momto2wasd said...

I love that fabric, too. I've been trying to resist it, but you're making it difficult! Maybe I should give in.

I'm in WA, and I am jealous of the lack of sales tax in OR, too!

tarabu said...

That is beautiful fabric - some might need to come home to me, too!