Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmassy blogging

It is so difficult to blog about what you are sewing, when they are Christmas gifts! Especially when the recipients read my blog! I think I need to institute a blog ban for them and hope they don't peek!! Some people are sneaky about their Christmas gifts, you know? he he

Well, here is the first set of gifties. Little mug rugs for my lovely work-mates.
I had fun making these because I got to try all sorts of blocks without the commitment of having to turn them into a full-fledged quilt!

I really enjoyed paper-piecing the geese in a half circle ~ and I learned a valuable lesson ~ I will never make an entire paper pieced quilt! Waaaaay too much work and not enough instant gratification for moi! S'ok, sometimes it's good to know your limitations.

Hope your holiday season is going smoothly. Happy Sewing!


Christine said...

Those are so fun! I know what you mean about having some who what to sneak a peak at the gifts!

Creative Mom said...

They look great! Love the orange prints.

My Needle Crafts said...

Ohh I so know what you mean! I haven't posted on mine in over a week because all I've been doing is gifts! I love your mug rugs! I did some christmas ones for gifts too :)