Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Rainbow for the Table

Napkins!! At our house we have been in dire need of new napkins - reusable ones. So in keeping with my home dec initiative, I made some new napkins for dinnertime. Lots and lots of them ~ 24 which sounds like a lot but really when you use them 4 at a time, that doesn't last so many days. After sewing these puppies all weekend, I'm tired of sewing napkins for now, so these will have to do for a bit.

A sunny rainbow of color for the table.
Notice they are gray in color because that's pretty much the color they are going to end up anyway - no point in slaving over the laundry just to get rid of the spaghetti sauce stains. Nope. Less stress this way! ;)


I roughly followed Penny's napkin tutorial (SewTakeaHike) if you'ld like to make your own napkins.

Happy Sewing!


Mama Lusco said...

These are great! Mine are so dingy that I need to make some, too. Did you use a tutorial or just make your own pattern? I really like your edging & mitered corners. Good work!

CathyAgent said...

I need to have a napkin day. We use them pretty much everyday with dinner and I keep them on hand for hostess gifts, teacher gifts and so on. Wrap 4 in a pretty ribbon and people always love them. plus they are a great way to use up one's stash. I do most unlined with this pattern from purl bee http://www.purlbee.com/simple-spooky-cocktail-napkin/ You can do the zig zig top stitch but I like just a real clean straight stitch. The corners are a little fussy but I cut a lot, then press all, and then sew all. Kind of meditative and ver satisfying. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gray - genius!!!

Hollie said...

I love these napkins! So super cute!