Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Swap Season

It seems like summer is a busy time for swaps for me which is kind of funny because I have way less time to sew in the summer. But this time I opted into the Pretty {little} Pouch swap just for fun.  I like making purses and pouches so I thought I would give it a go. 

Here’s  my inspiration mosaic – really anything goes with a pouch ~  I mean it’s just a pouch!  You can always find a use for one and it’s pretty hard to go wrong.
Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap Inspiration ~ Round 2

Test run 1 with a purse frame. 
Fun with purse frames

Turns out this isn't the right kind of pouch for this frame - but live and learn - that's why it's a test run. Framed purses are fun to do though and super quick!
Fun with purse frames
So far so good, now onto test 2. 
Here is a little trial run pouch I’m making for myself to see if this works out.
mini zigs and zags
Then I’ll move onto this palette for my partner and the rest will have to wait until the grand reveal.
Pouchy palette

Happy Sewing!
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