Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ready for the sun!

Sunshine quilt Darn that groundhog for predicting more winter! Why is that always the way? I'm ready for some sun. Since I live in Oregon where I'm likely to see a few more months of rain before the sun really pokes out reliably, I've made myself a little piece of sunshine to keep in the house. We repainted the master bedroom before Christmas and I have been redecorating a bit in the there ever since. This lap quilt will be the perfect addition. Plus it makes me feel all sunshine-y and happy. All done and ready for the crinkle-induction wash and dry. Sunshine quilt This is Christina’s (the Sometimes Crafter) retro flowers quilt pattern for the most part except that I cheated a bit and used my accuquilt go baby drunkards path dye to cut out the pieces. So my blocks are really a tad smaller than called for in the pattern, but overall it doesn’t make much difference. Backyard baby fabric for the backing. I love that birch tree print and the colors are perfect. Sunshine quilt Now I just need to find me a good book….. Happy Sewing!
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