Friday, September 28, 2012

Mail call

There must be something in the air - no pun intended. Just last week I had this idea to make a little zip pouch that looks like an airmail letter. So I hunted around the internet to find some red and blue striped fabric to get that ‘airmail’ look to my pouch and let me tell you it was not easy to find. I think I got the only striped piece on Etsy. Last night I finished the pouch and I’m loving the way it looks. Then low and behold this morning I open a newsletter from Hawthorne threads and there staring me in the face is a red and blue striped fabric from Suzy Ultman (Handle with Care) and no less it’s mail themed! What are the odds? This must be a new trend that I didn’t even know was happening. Either that or Suzy and I are on the same mental wavelength. Anyway, so go forth and purchase supplies from Hawthorne threads or wherever you can buy Suzy's new fabric because apparently its now easy to find the striped fabric. I must confess I bought more myself, because you never know when you’ll need to make another airmail looking pouch right?

He he Ok so back to the topic at hand. This pouch is large sized ~ 12” x 9”. It’s a prototype and I like to make them knitting project sized because I always need bags for new projects.

 After I found the striped fabric, came the hunt for stamps and postage meter marks. Luckily I found some cute ribbons on etsy that fit this bill. Cut up some Japanese fabric for the other stamps and a stamp fabric purchased off Spoonflower (thank-you designer keweenawchris) and voila.  New project in the works...
I also used a little Curio fabric for the writing.

A little zipper action on the back...
An airmail letter zip pouch.

 It’s a little cute, it’s a little quirky, it might not be for everyone, but I love it! Happy Sewing!
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