Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bicyclette Pattern

So you know how sometimes you have a million projects to do, and lots of deadlines that you should be working on, but instead you work on a completely different project? Well, that's where I'm at.

So here you go.  I've been working on this new Bicycle Foundation quilt block pattern instead of what I should be working on. But who could resist this cute bicycle? It was just begging to be turned into a quilt block pattern.  Don't you agree?

I think next I need to turn it into a new pillow for my sewing room.
I wish I owned a bike as cute as this.
This is a 12" block pattern.  Would make a great pillow, tote bag, whatever else you can think of. Pattern is available through Craftsy or on the right side-bar.

Happy Sewing!

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