Monday, November 18, 2013

Modern Maples in time for fall

Fresh out of the dryer and promptly put to use.  Here is my modern Maples quilt all done up.

#modernmaples done!  In time for the last days of autumn. #goodthings #modernquiltingI really wanted a quilt with fall-ish colors which are typically not the colors that I gravitate towards.  I do like to have fall decorations around the house this time of year, so it seemed appropriate to add in a fall quilt.

 Modern Maples seem to be all the rage this fall. Seems like everyone is making one of these and I was holding out for awhile until I came up with the fall colors idea.  So then I was off in search of the perfect background fabric which was pretty tough to find.

I ended up choosing a Kaufman Essex yarn-dyed linen in Olive of all colors.  I was really looking for more of a yarn-dyed brown linen which it turns out is exactly what the olive looks like in real life although the pictures make it look a little grey from the distance. So it was the perfect background fabric to pair with my fall colored leaves.  I used various FQs from my stash and assembled the leaf blocks. They are quite large, and since there is so much negative space in this quilt the whole thing ends up being quite large in the end. Which I would’ve known if I’ld read the directions, but you know me, I just dove in and paid no heed for directions.  So, in short, it’s a big quilt but that’s good for snuggling under right?  Case in point…
Modern maples in use

I also used up some stash fabric for the back, so it was a nice stash buster for me.
My quilting was sort of a freeform waves and spirals in sections. Doesn't really show up well on the pictures though. I used a gray-variegated thread which blended in nicely in most places.

Modern Maples was designed by the awesome Amanda Woodward-Jennings and can be found in the book Pretty in Patchwork Holidays.

That's it for today. Happy Sewing!

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