Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Done and done!!

Doctor who along quilt is complete!

Doctor Who is finished! The quilt that is.  And I'm so relieved to finally be done with this one. It's really been a labor of love. Emphasis on labor.

Here is the happy recipient!


It was quilted by none other than Christina Lane (sometimescrafter) and she did a fantastic job! Check out the custom Gallifreyan quilt pattern she designed! What a perfect finishing touch for this quilt.

More closeups of the quilting! I'm smitten can you tell?
Doctor who along quilt is complete!

And of course the back had to have a little extra finishing touch so I added the words and the Doctor
Who logo.
 Doctor who along quilt is complete!  The back. Fantastic quilting by Christina Lane

The kids had a hard time holding this one up because it was so big - even up there on the wall. I resorted to pinning it to the house gutters in the end and it still hit the patio on the bottom.

 Doctor who along quilt is complete! 

I promise those Whovian letter patterns will be up on the Craftsy site eventually.  I have to take a little break from paper piecing to focus on some other priorities and then I'll be back. 

How is your Whovian quilt coming along?  If you haven't started yet or are just now hearing about this project, you can find all the quilt block patterns for this quilt on this blog or through my pattern store on the Craftsy website.  In addition, you can find a ton of inspiration pictures of other DoctorWhoAlong participants and their quilts on the Flickr QAL site. 

Happy Sewing!


Debra said...

fantastic! Can't thank you enough for your contributions to the world of paper pieced quilting.

mathea said...

I just saw this on IG today and I think it's brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing all the patterns. Although I didn't hear about it in time to take part in the quiltalong, I might just make some of the blocks at least, so I have downloaded the patterns today. I'm off to explore the Flickr group!

Ella said...

I have the blocks on my summer to do list! Your quilt is amazing!

Wendy said...

absolutely amazing, well done you!!

Soma @ said...

The quilting is such a perfect compliment to your beautiful Doctor Who quilt! It really ties the who quilt together. He looks so happy :)


Anonymous said...

Brilliant and beautiful!

Laurelle said...

Its fantastic to see your quilt finished it looks beautiful. My blocks are still sitting in a draw! Have to start that giant Dalek. Seeing yours all quilted has motivated me!

Alesia said...

WOW!! This is amazing and my new favorite thing. Beautifully done!!!!