Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is there something in your water?

There seems to be something in our water - around here anyway, no less than 5 ladies at work are expecting. And countless others have infants. Luckily this has skipped me, but it did spur on the creation of a new diaper bag.

This has been in the works for awhile, but a friend requested one pronto so I created this little number. Henceforth dubbed the Metro Momma Diaper Bag ~ Messenger style because this is the great northwest after all and doesn't every chic momma have a messenger bag? Around here they do!
This bag took a while to develop. I asked every momma I knew what they liked about their diaper bag, and what features it had to have. So here it is. All those features rolled into one!

And best of all it looks fab - throw in your wallet and you won't need a purse anymore and you won't have to carry that lovely little number they give you for free at the hospital!
The nitty gritty:
3 exterior pockets for bottles or snacks, one in super easy (don't even have to open the bag) reach

Quick adjust buckle to length or shorten the bag strap. This is heavy duty Polyacetal plastic - that sucker will probably outlast us all.
Zippered pocket on the flap, for more secure stuff.
Easy to use velcro closure
But wait- that's not all! The interior is loaded with features!
Key fob to put your keys on so you can find them again quickly whilst balancing a baby with the other arm.
Snap secure cell phone pocket in easy reach. 2 smaller pockets sized perfectly for diaper wipes and nappies.
An interior bottle pocket and a larger pocket for blanket or whatever. And we'll even throw in a set of ginsu knives - ok no, no we won't - sorry got a little carried away there.

A waterproof wet bag for nasties so you don't have to mess up your luscious bag!
And finally a diaper changing pad. Whew - yup that's alot of features. AND the whole thing is completely washable - because we all know you will need to!
There you have it ~ the Metro Momma Diaper Bag Now available in the etsy shoppe.

Massive image overload - sorry 'bout that. Hubby hijacked the camera on a week-long trip to Russia, so I was forced to cease and desist blogging - terrible I tell you- but it did give me lots of time to sew. Maybe that was a good thing.

Later :)
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