Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zen Skort

Ok, so I decided that skirts, while just fine are not completely my style - I'm more of a skort girl. I have an active lifestyle and I like my clothes to fit into that lifestyle. So I was on a mission to copy one of my favorite summer pieces ~ a black Patagucci skort that gets lots of wear every year but alas I am not wealthy enough to own as many as I would like. Enter the home sewing option. I found this Kwik Sew 3341 pattern which is pretty close - except I wanted it a tad longer, so I added 2 inches to the length. The result:

Front ~
So it's OK. It has an elastic waist in the back and while the fit is perfect i'm not loving how the fabric bunches all up in the back, so I'm going to modify it.

Back~ I'll put in a zipper on the side seam on the second version and take out the extra fabric a bit on top - so the whole thing is more fitted. Apparently there is no such thing as the perfect pattern straight out of the envelope.

It's a skort, of course, so the whole thing has some comfy knitted shorts sewn in - perfect!! Boardroom to bicycle - well ok, I don't often go into the boardroom, but I can certainly wear it to work and still be comfy and cool.

The fabric is Michael Miller's Zen Blossoms in taupe with ivory and black flowers. Just add a black tee and go...
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