Monday, August 25, 2008

Funky fall Knot

I tried a little experiment over the weekend - I wanted to see just how far a charm pack would go. Yeah i'm still on the charm pack thing. That's me, can't let it die until it's thoroughly investigated. So here's my version of the ever popular knot dress. I know, I succumbed to the knot dress craze. It's funky but I like how it turned out. Dear daughter is out of town so the jury is still out on whether or not she'll like it. This dress needs oatmeal tights, tall brown boots and a pageboy hat. Yes it does!
This particular charm pack was from Tula Pink's Flutterby line. Not all charm packs are created equal, or at least, some are bigger than others ~ Depending upon how many different prints are in the line. If it's a bigger line, you get a bigger pack. This one is medium sized. So I added a few extra prints to coordinate.

~And there's always enough scraps left over for a little patchwork headband.
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