Monday, August 25, 2008

A Messenger to go

It was a sewing weekend around here. Kids are out of town, so I managed to get a few blissful hours of uninterrupted sewing. Although the time goes by a lot faster than you think - I guess I can't always blame the kids on my lack of productivity. Dear Daughter requested this messenger bag, she is only 6 and just discovered that she likes this kind of bag over say the ever present backpack. So being that her mommy just happens to make these kinds of things, I obliged. So here is the messenger for her. Kid sized, but it will fit a folder of papers, and a few other things. She picked out the fabrics from the stash. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out but I remember why I don't make more messenger bags, these things are pretty time consuming - that would be my excuse for only getting this one thing done Sunday.Being that we live in Oregon ~ you can translate that to mean that it rains a good chunk of the year ~ I decided to laminate it. I hadn't ever tried that before. I used this Therm O Web Iron-on Vinyl. It was pretty easy to use - much easier than I anticipated. It's a little less substantial than purchased laminates but it'll work just fine and it can be wiped clean - another advantage for a child's bag. The fabric is an older Valori wells print that I have always liked, so now it has finally been put to good use.
I added some pen pockets, a zippered pocket and of course a pencil case. My daughter is seldom without her drawing utensils - so she'll be all set.
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