Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Like a lemming

I am jumping off the sewing cliff. I have succumbed to yet another fashion trend. Ok so I should explain that I'm not fond of going with the flow - I like to do my own unique spin on all the things I sew or make. If 500 people pick one fashion design, I will inevitably pick the one design they didn't pick. I like to think of myself as unique, but who knows, maybe I'm just plain weird.

A friend of mine approached me to make her daughter an oh so trendy apron skirt - a trend I have avoided because there is no way my almost 7 year old would consent to wearing it anyway - so I just avoided the whole thing. Anyway, here is the result. This one was fun because it was easy - the designing was already done - all I had to do was come up with fun fabric combos and sew. Easy Peasy

You can check out the cute little recipient here - thanks Amy!
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