Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pumpkin patch charm

Maybe it's not quite pumpkin patch time, but it's coming and I've finished up the perfect dress for it. Thanksgiving, Halloween, you name it, this dress is the perfect fall number ~ well in my humble opinion anyway. Lots of fall colors, pumpkins (of course) and fun prints. I used Sandy Gervais Pumpkins Gone Wild prints for this dress from Moda. Lots of twirl-a-bility as well, so important in a dress don't you think?

And hey what are those little squares called? Yeah more charm pack experimentation - this was the grand finale though I tell ya. I've been wanting to sew this one up for weeks but our vacation schedule got in the way.
And what's that first picture you ask? Just for fun, it's wacky hair day? My daughter having fun experimenting - she can be a real hoot some days.
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