Thursday, February 26, 2009

All a-flutter

I have to share some of the newest items in my spring collection for the TrilliumShoppe at Etsy and while i'm at it i'm going to preen a little bit.

Some of you might recognize this Feliz dress, it's a favorite pattern of mine. I must admit it was totally inspired by Paula Prass' Flights of Fancy line. I adore this line. The whole par avion print just spoke to me ~ So much so that the entire dress was envisioned as soon as I saw this preview pic of Paula's many months ago. So here's my Par Avion Feliz dress
I embellished the bodice with a little bird applique and accented the straps/hem with contrasting bias tape.

And yes there is more! Paula herself is giving away a bunch of fun Flights of Fancy fabric right now on her blog. You might recognize the first pic - I warned you I was gonna preen a little bit! Go check it out ~ you could win some yummy fabric!

And now onto a few more spring items. Here's my version of the ever popular pillowcase dress for the shoppe.
I modified the classic design to tie in the back instead. I like the dressy effect of the long bow. This print is also from Michael Miller (Tweet Tweet).

Enough bird references for 'ya?

Many many thanks must also go out to Kristen of Kristen Scott Photography for all the fabulous photos of my creations. Those are her cute girlies in the pics. Thanks bunches Kristen!
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