Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes

Continuing with the unofficial theme of the week, which is sewing for grown-ups, we have installment 2. This shirt was done with the Antonella pattern from Farbenmix. As with my Zoela, I'm just figuring out what fits here, so nothing fancy was happening on this shirt.

I have to say this shirt took quite a bit of alteration to get it to fit correctly. I really think the cap sleeve pattern piece for the double-layer tee is cut wrong. The sloper doesn't follow that of the armhole and won't fit. So, as a work around, I decided to just use the sleeve pattern piece and cut a short sleeve and a long sleeve and just joined them at the underarm seam. That worked perfectly.

Another change: the shoulders are really wide on this pattern - it looks really deconstructed this way, which is not my personal preference. I don't think it's just my samples, if you look at the design examples on their site, they are all this way. So, to solve this problem, I cut my pattern pieces 1 size smaller in the shoulders only. Left everything else the correct size and this did seem to alleviate the problem.

Yet another change: I thought the neckline was very wide on this pattern which I didn't like either - so I raised it up a bit before cutting out. My version is about half-way between boat-neck and crew-neck.

Yes, that is a lot of changes for one pattern. So you might want to keep that in mind if you plan to go down the Antonella path. I do like the final result and the fit is now perfect, so I will keep using this pattern for this style of shirt.
So now I have 2 pattern tees with a great fit - time to get to some serious embellishing.

Happy Sewing!
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