Friday, May 8, 2009

Shhhhhh......don't tell

You might've heard me mention in recent posts that the fertility rate is up in our town - well at work anyway ~ you haven't heard me say that we added yet another one recently, but those newer babies will have to wait for awhile. My best friend is having a baby very soon and I made this bag for her shower gift. She knows I make diaper bags and had asked for one, so this isn't really a huge surprise - but she hasn't seen it yet. Shhhh don't tell!!
Here it is:
The fabric is Joel Dewberry's Aviary line which is kind of hard to find these days in this color, but I managed to track some down. I had made this purse out of the fabric last year and she just adored it.

What she doesn't know is that I made a matching key fob, wallet and change pad.
I know she loves matching things, so I think the wallet will be right up her alley and we all know that as a new momma this bag is going to become her purse for the next couple of years.
She contributed alot of feedback to the development of this bag pattern over a year ago, so I think it's appropriate that she gets one of her own. But don't tell her you saw it!! ;)

Happy Sewing...
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