Monday, June 1, 2009


Major renovations underway at the moment which means no sewing for me. My machines are all packed up and the contents of my sewing room/office are scattered in various rooms - pretty much inaccessible. Here's a peek at the chaos. We ripped out the carpet, pulled up the particle board under that - chipped up might be more appropriate really - and then sanded the warped floor boards underneath. I say 'we' here, but really this was all dearest hubby and a very good friend of ours who helped him complete that part of the job. Even the kids pitched in hauling out the wood pieces and gathering up nails. After that we proceeded to install hardwood floor boards, 2" at a time. That part went pretty quickly actually and this time the royal we actually included me. Hubby even taught me how to use the mitre saw - umm not sure that was a good idea really. Next up we have to sand and seal the floor. That's this weekend's task. Soon the floor will be done, I hope - at least the end is in sight.

Meanwhile, I'll sneak you a peek at yet another baby gift. Baby stackers from Heather Bailey's pattern collection. Gave me an excuse to use the Robots fabric from David Walker which is so cute.Lots of fun in the end, but really takes alot of hand sewing to get this one completed. I am not a fan of hand sewing - too slow. I'm all about instant gratification, but the end result was pretty cute. I need to make a couple more still - the babies keep popping up around here. And hey check out that new floor under there ;)

That's all for now, Happy Sewing!
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