Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hexies week 2

... as part of the hexagon quilt-along hosted by Julie of jaybird quilts and the Old Red barn Co. Quilt along here is my progress on week 2.

I opted for this selection of aqua and green fabrics from my stash
Botanical blues
and I made a few more than the 5 sets suggested by Julie.
That would be because I got a little over-excited with my color combos and pieced more than 5 sets of strips together ~ and also because I’m really bad about reading directions first. Directions - aren’t they optional? Well, the more the merrier right?

Here are my triangles…
(by the way, this ruler is way cool!)
stacked triangles

…and then my hexies in a few different layouts.

Botanical Blues hexies

I like the mixed layout the best except that the science geek in me says that this looks too much like a radiation warning symbol, and that’s not really the vibe I’m going for in this quilt – soooo, I’m going to go with classic hexagons. Actually I’m going to do more than just classic hexagons but I’ll reveal that later on. I think it will work well with the soft color palette.


spiral hexies
Now to sew them together. Only the halves so far…

Butterflies anyone?
Butterflies anyone?

...this time I read the directions before plunging ahead.

Happy Sewing!
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