Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Project overload

Project overload-itis ~ I suffer from this disease a lot as most who know me well will attest. But I have really outdone myself this time. I currently have no less than 3 quilts going and that doesn't include the hexagon quilt along which is due to start in - ack - 4 days!! Eeek. That's just quilts people!
Here are some snippets of the QIPs
The new wave quilt (Oh fransson)
New wave quilt triangles
Mod blooms quilt
Mod bloom blocks
Stacks quilt
Aqua stack

All this activity may have been spurred on in small part by this SMS blogpost. Beth of SMS asked me if they could feature my quilt for quilt-of-the-day for Quilting month II and I was totally blown away and humbled to be in such good company over there. A million thanks to you girls! Go check out Quilting month II if you haven't already - lots of great tutes and give-aways happening.

Ok, and then there are the purse patterns and doll clothes patterns that I'm currently working on - not making, developing. Yes you heard it here first, I'm going to sell patterns in the near future. At least I hope so - more on that later.
A sneak peek of the goods...
sneak peek

Pillow Talk {Swap} 3 is going to start soon and I'm really hoping to take part in this one. Luckily that one hasn't been announced yet - phew! I'm safe for at least a few more days...

Then there are the other WIPs on my list. Let's see, PJ pants for hubby and myself (partially done), Robe for dear daughter (patiently waiting for my attention, the robe, not the daughter), and tablecloths for the kitchen table.

Also on my to do list in no specific order:
Boyish quilt for my son
soccer embellished ID tag for my daughter
soccer embellished towel for my daughter (can you tell she likes soccer?)...
Short sleeved tees for the kids
Cotton hoodies for work for moi

...Really I'm going to quit here because the list is endless and if I really think about it I'll add 20 more projects easily ~ but these are the priorities. Oh and summer is coming which means more time in the garden and less time sewing. But that's ok 'cause it's Oregon and I'm sure it'll rain again sometime.

Stay tuned for occasional updates from this madness - that is, if I ever come up for air. I guess I'ld better get back to sewing...

Happy sewing!
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