Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival 2010


Welcome to the Friday edition! This week: The Blogger's Quilt Festival. What is this you say? Click on the button above to find out more.

This is a new event for me and particularly a milestone because, as some of you already know, I'm new to quilting this year, 2010. So I don't have a whole lot of quilts to choose from. Nevertheless, it's still super hard to choose because as you quilter's all know, they are all like children. How can you pick just one favorite? Right? Tough!

But here is my entry ~ I'm going to have to pick this Mod Blooms quilt because it is the first one I have done that is completely my own design and in fabrics which I really love. Very Mod - that's me! ~ and I love the colors.
mod blooms quilt

I would love to be able to pick one I have made for my children, but they are still WIPs. The quilts that is, not the children ~ although the children are eagerly anticipating when theirs will be done. I guess they like my quilts to!;)

What fun this Blogger's Quilt Fest is! Actually the whole world of online quilters and sewers that I have met through Flickr and other venues has been great! What an awesome bunch of peeps! And what better way to peruse the great creations of other quilters that at an online festival! And it's Friday! Which is movie night for our family - so I will be sharing the sofa with my children and our new quilts, a movie and cruising the BQ festival with my laptop. What fun! Thanks Amy for sponsoring this event! Be sure to check out the other fun quilts on her site.

Happy Sewing!
mod blooms quilt
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