Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yet another skort variation

Ok, it's time for the final installment of Skort Stack 2010. Really, it is endless the number of possibilities you could come up with to vary a skort. Here's another skort following along the lines of Tuesday's tutorial.
This time the construction is the same as the original tutorial but I've added some details. This skort is a solid fabric which highlights the pintucks made along the bottom of the hem. To make this skort you should follow the details listed here. There isn't much to this, I just added an extra 3/4" to the width of the bottom tier to account for the 3 ~ 1/4" tucks I made. I also added a bit more to make the hem a bit wider on this version. You can do the same, just double the width of your tucks and multiply by the number of tucks to figure out how much to add.

I marked lines on the skort before gathering, folded along the lines and sewed my pleats 1/4" wide.

After pressing, I ended up with this ~

Adding in some pretty Farbenmix ribbon to the hem adds the final touch. In this case, I also appliqued an embroidered bird which matches the ribbon because I happened to have that handy. The bird is from the Helen's friends embroidery set from Huups by Helen Dardik. The white fabric I used was Kona snow white which isn't quite a true white, but slightly off white.

Pretty simple but effective ~ the possibilities are endless.

I've started a Flickr pool for this and other tutorials. If you decide to make your own skort, please do share and add it to the pool - I would love to see it!

Happy Sewing and Happy Mother's Day!
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