Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quilting outside the box

This quilt is for my son - he's an outside the box kind of kid. He loves to build things. He'll build anything, out of any material. I'm not really sure if his brain ever stops building even when he's sleeping. If all he has is dirt and sticks, he'll build with that. Give him some legos and he'll build the most amazing creations. Lately he's been building transformers out of legos. Creations that fully transform from one visible entity to another - it's amazing to me that his young brain can even dream up these things, let alone bring them to life. He's an awesome kid.


He rarely benefits from my sewing skills, there just aren't a lot of things a fabric lovin' mom can make for an 11 year old boy. But when I started quilting, he added his name to the waiting list. Well wait no more kid, here is your outside the box quilt.

This quilt follows the pattern from Modern Quilt Workshop.

I used an assortment of guy-ish fabrics in his favorite color, blue. I'm pretty happy with the result and so is he!

The back ~

The dog likes it to!

and this guy,

Can you spot the mistake in this quilt? I set all the blocks in sideways in the long view. Ooops, oh well, it's a lap quilt and we'll just call that part, charm.

Now on to finish the other 2 quilts I have on my sewing table.

Happy Sewing!
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