Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stash enhancement alleviation program

Stash enhancement
A simple 8 step approach to preventing more fabric from entering your house, garage, storage shed or wherever else you hide it.

Step 1: Do not visit a fabric store

Step 2: Do not take your wallet

Step 3: Donate all your assets to charity (oh who are we kidding, you'll probably take a job at the fabric store and work for fabric).

Step 4: Throw away your sewing machine (or donate to a good cause)

Step 5: If you bypass step 1, take your hubby along. While this might not completely alleviate your acquisition of more fabric, it will likely put a damper on the quantity you take home with you. Note ~ If you happen to have a super supportive hubby who lets you buy fabric like there is no tomorrow, skip to step 6

Step 6: Waste some of your shopping time reading this - no really!

Step 7: Realize that reading step 6 only made you feel more justified in visiting a fabric shop

Step 8: If all else fails, enroll in a 12-step program.

Stash enhancement

Stash enhancement
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