Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival ~ Fall '10

Quilting is everywhere these days. Quilt market is just wrapping up in Houston as I write and the Blogger's online Quilt Fest is back too! How fun!

Amy Ellis runs this bloggy event every year and it's a chance to share your quilty creations and the inspiration behind them. And, it's a great way to discover new online quilters.

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Here is my contribution ~ Regular readers have seen this quilt before. It's really hard for me to pick a special quilt - maybe because I've been quilting for such a short while that I haven't gotten favorites yet. I still feel like every new quilt is a favorite child until I move onto the next. Still, I like this one a lot - it's special to me because I designed it specifically for its recipients - my parents - who are obviously quite special to me. My mother was and is a huge sewing inspiration. She has never quilted (I don't think) but she has mad sewing skills and I still turn to her for help and advice if I run into a sewing dilemma. She and my Dad, are also super creative people, always working hard on new projects and beautifying their lives. They rock!!! Ok so without further adieu and before the tears set in, here's my submission
Toronto Garden Quilt

Right before I designed this quilt, I had been making a lot of english paper pieced hexagons after learning about them in the spring. This project just screamed hexagons to me, so I put a big curvy swath of them across the front as the focal point of the quilt and left the pieced parts of the quilt fairly simple. There was a lot of hand sewing in this quilt, but in the end, it turned out just exactly the way I wanted it to!
Toronto Garden Quilt close-up

So there you have it! My BQF submission. Enjoy! And please go check out the other submissions. So many beautiful quilts all in one place!

Toronto Garden Quilt

Happy Sewing!
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