Sunday, October 10, 2010

A little Christmas Cheer - already!

SavVy Season's Swap goodies
Christmas decorations are starting to show up in stores around here. Ok I will admit I am in no way ready for this just yet. But the fact remains that the holiday season approaches.

I haven't even dug into my Halloween decorations yet, but I have made up a little Christmas cheer for my Saavy Season's Swap partner. This little package of goodies will be going their way soon.
Saavy Season's Swap goodies

After much deliberation, I decided to make an advent calendar out of little stockings. They are big enough to pop in a little chocolate or other Holiday treat.
Saavy Season's Swap goodies

The stockings can be removed for easy washing. This calendar is sized to fit on your table and doubles as a table decoration. I added the festive fruit to adorn the center. I hope you like it partner.

Saavy Season's Swap goodies

Now that that's done, it's back to Halloween sewing for me. I have to create a ghoul costume for my son.
Happy Sewing!
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