Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More summer napkin love ~ Crocheted style

Cool tone edgings
I've been having fun crocheting edgings on these napkins and also using up a bunch of stash fabric.

Seems like a fun summertime project...
  Crochet napkins ~ cool

 Most of the edgings are from this book.

Crochet napkins warm

I used fingering weight cotton from GarnStudio, Safran and also some Classic Elite . If you're interested in the details you can see my Ravelry post here.

I think we have enough napkins for now.  Happy Sewing!


Amy Friend said...

Beautiful! I am loving mine :)

Sally said...

These are just so beautiful! I keep coming back to look at them again! I definitely want to try this!

Bearpawquilter said...

Is the edging made and then sewn on or crocheted right on to the napkin edge? How are the holes made for the crochet hook to go into? I enlarged the picture but I couldn't tell.