Monday, July 9, 2012

New Look, New Studio.

Houston, we have lift-off! Check it out! The blog look is new.  Thanks to Lisa Baldwin of Untitled for redoing my blog headers and background.  Didn’t she do a nice job? I thought the old look was getting a bit tired and I was never really thrilled with it anyway.  So usher in the new look with a new feel.  Thank-you Lisa! I love the new do!  If you want to contact Lisa, just click on the logo above or go here!

Along those lines, I have recently ushered in a new look in our home.  I have never had my own sewing room, I have always just been camped out here and there.  But now, thanks to hubby for letting me convert our in-home office into a sewing room, I now have my own studio. I am so thrilled about this  - having my own space has been a dream-come-true and it much improves the look of the room, because it looks like I’m supposed to be sewing in there.  Since I am no longer camped out throughout the house, it makes every room look better.  Yes I have retreated from the rest of the house.  All my mess will now be contained in this room.  Well, theoretically, but we all know how that goes!  Knowing how much I like to look at other peoples sewing spaces, I figured you might be interested as well.  So here it is.  
One side
New Studio

Other side 
This room has held our library of books for years, so it already had the shelving in place – Lucky for me, they hold fabric just as well. Untitled  
I had to jettison some of the existing furniture, but it’s been happily relocated elsewhere.  The cutting table is an antique that’s been in my hubby’s family forever and my sewing machines still sit atop an old armoire that hubby converted into a sewing area years ago.

Check out the cool ruler racks hubby made. They just blend into the shelving.  He is the best!    

Since I rearranged all the furniture this chair has suddenly seen a new life – my kids like to camp here while I’m sewing.
 Go figure! They never really visited me before.   I guess they like the new room to!  Plus the missing chair went into the living room which Hubby has now claimed as his own – everyone is happier! It’s a win win!  Of course, now I’m thinking the room might need a new coat of paint and some new pillows, maybe a bunting .... but that will have to wait for another day.

One thing's for sure, there’s nothing like moving and reorganizing all your stash to make you realize how much more fabric (trims, thread....) you don't need!   

Stay organized! Happy Sewing!
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