Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4th July Flag Map Mug Rug Pattern

Now there's a tongue twister for you:  Flag Map Mug Rug.  Whoo! :)  I just finished up this fun 4th of July Mug Rug as part of the Scrappy Mug Rug swap with a Red/White and Blue theme.  This one is going to Cherry in Louisiana.   It's a foundation pieced 5x7" block that can be turned into a mug rug or used for something else.

Want to make one of your own?  You can download it here and the piecing guide can be found here.

There are a couple of glitches still with the software I use to make these patterns,  so you'll have to glue/tape pieces G1 to H1 together before you sew,  same goes to C/D, P/O and also sections A1/A2 can be attached to B1/B2 before sewing.  For some reason I can't get the program to leave those attached.  I'm sure it's user error, but you can still use the pattern as is.  

The piecing guide is shown here:

Sewing sections:
Sew AB, to  CD
Sew E
Sew F to,G/H to I to J-to K

Sew M to  N to L  
MNL to AB...K  Set aside

Sew OP to Q to R to S.  Set aside
Sew Xto W to V to U to T
Attach TUVWX to PQRS then attach Y
Attach the top and bottom halves of the map and you are done!

Now go whip one up and when you're done you can put your tall frosty glass of lemonade (or other beverage) on it!  I hope you have a Happy 4th with friends or family and lots of good BBQ!  Happy Sewing!


Amy Friend said...

Really awesome design! If you run into this problem again, you need to group G and H as one section and number them G1 and G2 in the software. The software always separates each section (ie each letter). Does that make sense? It would be easier to show you in person but it is all about the way you decide to group and number. Again, love the design! I think you should make it full quilt size!

Jana said...

A.MAZ.ING. I LOVE this. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Amy DeCesare said...

Wow! Just WOW!

Anonymous said...

What a nifty mug rug.

Please tell me where you found that amazing newsprint fabric! Rather, who makes it so I can go looking.


Candy said...

I loved this pattern! It took me three days to do it. Some of those little pieces were quite fiddley! And I didn't have your instructions in front of me. Wish it were a bit bigger but it will make a nice mug rug for a friend. Thanks.