Monday, June 11, 2012

Pattern testers wanted

Calling all pattern testers
THANK-YOU to everyone who volunteered to test sew.  I now have all the pattern testers I need.  

Greetings sewists! I'm getting ready to launch a new pattern - it's the cell phone wristlet pattern, much overdue but finally finished.

The pattern is all done but I would love to get some pattern testers to let me know what they think of the instructions and to get general feedback on the written pattern. If you're willing to be a pattern tester, and have some experience sewing purses/bags etc please comment here or send me an email at cascadeskids at gmail dot com. Ideally I'd love to get at least some beginning and some more advanced sewers, so if you want to test the pattern let me know what you would consider your sewing 'level'. You would also be required to send me an email with your review of the pattern. Nothing formal or fancy, just places where you thought the instructions weren't clear or areas that you think need improvement.

P{l}PS extra... for Lisa Chavez

You must be able to sew this up and review it in the next 2 weeks - so please don't volunteer unless you have time to do the sewing and get it reviewed. For being a pattern tester you'll get a hardware kit from me and the pattern for free but you'll have to supply your own fabric/interfacings and you do get to keep your wristlet of course. I would like to get US residents only so that I can get this turned around a little quicker. I only need about 4-6 testers so get those emails rolling. I'll post back here when I'm done gathering volunteers. Hopefully tomorrow.

NOTE - if your account is set to no-reply I won't be able to get back to you because I cant see your email address - please email me directly or make sure you're comments are set to reply with your email adress.  Thanks!  Come one, come all! Happy Sewing! P{l}PS4 Cell phone wallet for Lisa Chavez
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