Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Patriotic Pinwheels

Today seems to be a day for finishing projects.  I just finished sewing the topstitching on a set of napkins I started for Thanksgiving, ummmm a really long time ago - like 2010 I think. Yeah! Ooops.

Then I finished up this Red/White/Blue Pinwheel table runner.  I started it around Memorial day.  Missed that holiday obviously, but it's ready for the fourth of July, this year even!  At least that holiday hasn't arrived yet. Phew!

Inspired by the backing fabric from Riley Blake, I wanted a pinwheel runner so I followed some of the tutorials posted by Rachel at ps i quilt for her pinwheel sampler quilt. The other block was just copied off the back of an old quilting magazine.  I used a pinwheel inspired starburst pattern for the quilting in contrasting thread.

This project whipped up very quickly and was a lot of fun (and far less work than a whole quilt).  I like that!

Fun stuff.   Hope your week is just as productive.  Happy Sewing!


Angela Nash said...

Wow! Super cool quilting, especially in the contrast thread. It totally makes them spin and look like happy summer fireworks.

Anonymous said...

Love the table runner and the quilting on it! And about finishing Thanksgiving napkins, now is definitely the best time to finish projects for the holidays!