Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ghastlie Napkins and other creepy things

It's October! Month of Halloween decorations, preparations, and lots of sewing at our house.  The kids really get into this Holiday. They usually start bugging me to pull out all the decorations sometime around Sept 1st and I try to hold them off until at least October arrives.

Somehow Halloween always manages to take me a month to get ready for and about a month to recover from.  Maybe it's because I'm always frantically making Halloween costumes for the kids.

I was secretly hoping that once the kids took HomeEc they would start sewing their own costumes - yeah umm that hasn't really happened - a girl can dream right?

Meanwhile,  I pulled out these Halloween napkins sewn back in the summer.   They'll make for a Ghastly Table-scape.

I used the same Napkin Tute from Penny that I used here, just with wider borders ~ turns out I like them better that way.

I used a mix of different Halloween fabrics - Tula Pink, the Ghastlies and some Riley Blake.  The kids are having fun creating a Ghastlie family tree.

Are you ready for Halloween?

Happy Sewing!

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Cindy said...

Oh my!! These are great! I have some Ghastlie fabric that I've been looking for something to create with. Thank you for the inspiration!